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Morris County Republican Freeholder, left to right, Deborah Smith, John Krickus and Stephen Shaw (KEEP MORRIS STRONG PHOTO)

Morris freeholders emerge unscathed

Republican incumbents keep seats

By Nikita Biryukov, November 07 2018 5:14 am

Morris County’s incumbent Republican freeholders safely won reelection.

Freeholders Deborah Smith, John Krickus and Stephen Shaw defeated Democratic Challengers Mary Dougherty, Rupande Mehta and Richard Corcoran.

The three Republicans each received about 18% of the votes cast, with 94,598 voting for Smith, 93,405 ballots cast for Krickus and 92,832 votes going to Shaw.

Mehta and Corcoran received about 15% of the votes cast. Mehta got 80,587 votes, while Corcoran secured a very slightly higher 80,747.

Dougherty fared slightly better than her running mates. She got 16% of the vote, or 84,267.

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