The Latest Headlines

Flanagan takes a shot at Meissner

Peter Brown faces investigation and should step down, Linden council colleague said

Andrzejczak, running mates, furious with Murphy Wildwood veto

Coughlin praises Schaer after Dye’s anti-Semitic tirade

Lawmakers introduce VBM reform bill

Testa hits Murphy over Wildwood boardwalk funding veto

Jersey Journal reporter Corey McDonald jumps to Hudson County View

Murphy conditionally vetoes tax incentive extension

Jeffrey Dye slams Jewish media, says he still supports Murphy

In Memoriam

Senate calls voting session on VBM reform for Monday, Assembly could be on Tuesday

Democrats get prime hotel assignment for Milwaukee convention

Labor Commissioner hired Jeffrey Dye

Parenti hits Russo over use of union time during tenure in Franklin

Murphy renews tax incentive extension veto threat ahead of Assembly, Senate quorums

Once a Democrat, Meissner is now a proud Trump Republican

Steinhardt to legislature: extend automatic voter registration to New Jerseyans with hunting, fishing licenses

Murphy raises $300k for state party

Murphy declines to say who hired Dye

Republican Stuart Meissner considers bid for U.S. Senate against Booker

In Memoriam

Joan Hassler, who beat dead candidate, dies at 81

Fulop opposition to affordable housing could hobble future gubernatorial run

Labor commissioner knew about Dye’s ‘past offenses,’ spokesperson says

Steinhardt calls on Murphy to break silence on Dye hiring

Pallotta hits Murphy over financial aid for undocumented students

Zisa seeks vote choice on VBM opt-in

Senate, Assembly quorum call on Friday to begin VBM repair process

Stockton to honor Florio, Whitman

Baraka opposes Holley call for state takeover of Newark water

Legislature may hold special session to fix vote-by-mail mess

Action Together New Jersey: The Confusion About VBM Requires an Emergency Legislative Fix

Atlantic Dems furious at Murphy/Levinson alliance

Report: Appellate court says taxpayers shouldn’t fund teachers doing fulltime union work

Seton Hall: no agreement on Christie institute on civility in politics

Report urges drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants

Camden County police adopt new use of force policy

GOP raising money off Jeffrey Dye storm

In Memoriam

Mae Stellato, former county chairman’s mother, dies at 96

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