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Operatives with ties to Christie open Hugin super PAC

Webber spending outpaces fundraising

Van Drew pulls in more than half a million

Sherrill raises $1.9 million in Q2

Grossman fundraising picks up

Progressives spent $236k to beat Van Drew

Jacob spent $118k to get 19% of vote

Norcross raises $1.6 million for re-election bid

Gottheimer has $4.5 million in bank

Kim has more cash in bank than MacArthur

Malinowski outraises Lance in 7th district raise

Payne raises $431k for 2018 bid

Watson Coleman raised nearly $695k this cycle

Sires warchest at $208k

Frelinghuysen has $539k cash-on-hand

LoBiondo has $283k in bank

Joseph W. Katz, legend in New Jersey politics, dies at 91

Sherrill tries to move to Webber’s right on taxes

Robinson is no party boss, Dems say

Menendez posts strong fundraising numbers, with $6.4 million cash on hand

The perils of partisan polling

Hugin pushes back on claims of greed

Pascrell works to cut Garrett’s pay to $1

In Memoriam

Flanagan running to Hugin’s right

The week Cuomo decided he hates Murphy

Super PAC spends $1.5 million attacking Hugin

Dodd hits back in fight with Dems

Human Rights Campaign endorses Sherrill

Sires tells Hugin to speak up on Kavanaugh

Malinowski raises $1.3 million in three months

Menendez campaign launches new website

Camden Republicans hit rivals over Barclay

In Memoriam

Democrats push Hugin on Kavanaugh

Party switcher needs to mend fences with ex-foes

Morris Dems says Camacho claims come from Trump playbook

Weinberg: Hugin ‘silence is deafening’

Soliman: Hugin using ‘blood money’ to buy U.S. Senate seat

Pascrell: Hugin needs to take a stand on Kavanaugh

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