The Latest Headlines

Bucco seriously considering House bid

Anti-Hugin protesters back at Celgene

Mangold says no to House bid

Calabrese joins Assembly as youngest member

Webber Finance Committee includes Ferguson, other veteran fundraisers

Cook Report: LoBiondo seat “Leans Democratic”

Analyst: Menendez seat “likely Democratic”

Ex-Jets player thinking about run for Congress

The Life and Times of Paul DiGaetano

Scutari has cover to back Malinowski

Mandelblatt drops out, backs Malinowski

Some Hunterdon Dems want party to unite behind Malinowski

Steinhardt slams Murphy on sticker shock comment

Governor Murphy’s Grade Today

Lance will hold Town Hall

Bucco releases huge group of supporters

DeCroce won’t run for Congress

Morristown Mayor Fined

Some suggest age is a factor for Petillo

Local GOP Leader Backs Webber

Report: FBI activity at Newark Authority

Governor Murphy’s Grade Today

Kean has issues with Murphy free college plan

Platt exploring run for Frelinghuysen seat

Langer still considering bid for Congress

Menendez back at Foreign Relations

Rzeszowski takes sides in Dem primary

Menendez pledges rail safety measures

Weber slams Lance on Bucco secret settlement

Gottheimer pushes rail safety

Bucco has “down time” while others run

Senate, Assembly Democrats Meet for Strategy Session

Freeholder Who backed Bucco Endorses Webber

Calabrese takes office Thursday

Former County Chairman dies

State GOP leader endorses Webber

The two Web(b)ers

Governor Murphy’s Grade Today

Harris slams Trump on stock market

Murphy mandates net neutrality

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