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Bloomberg helps Camden Dems raise big money

Amy DeGise angling for diplomacy with Fulop

Oliver: We’ve got Currie’s back

New Menendez ad savages Hugin

The Week Michael Saudino went down

Murphy, Booker headline Democratic State Convention

Weinberg wants Saudino out

Schmelz condemns Saudino

Morris GOP may trash open primaries

Gottheimer calls for Saudino’s resignation

Gottheimer airs first attack ad

Trump endorses Webber

Webber follows Trump attack line

Malinowski ahead in CD7

Vote-by-Mail, provisional ballots, and a scenario that puts New Jersey under a national microscope

Amalgamated Transit Union backs Malinowski

Jaker moving to MBI Gluckshaw

Van Drew, Hugin leading in CD2

Integrity NJ airing Menendez attack ad in New York market

Recreational Fishing Alliance backs MacArthur

Sherrill repeats attack on Webber’s abortion record

State GOP launches site on Menendez ethics

Webber accuses Sherrill of hypocrisy

Hugin calls for Dems to disown Menendez ahead of convention

Murphy flack jumps to Coughlin

Gaburo calls for release of Franklin statue emails

No evidence of fraud in Dover, Judge says

GOP mayor endorses Malinowski

Webber accuses Sherrill of lying in new ad

Ethics panel accepts complaint against DiMaso

Ethics committee dismisses 2 complaints against Schepisi

Murphy stays clear of Carteret feud

Sherrill ad calls Webber’s record ‘harmful’ to women

Democratic mayor backs Hugin

Dover voter fraud trial to start Day 4

Rockaway GOP picks Salberg

Is the MacArthur/Kim mailing racist?

Christie’s new book gets little buzz among GOP legislators

Cunningham: ‘It’s a little early’ to decide on Fulop

Mazzeo hasn’t ruled out county executive run

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