Comedy Central pokes fun at Morris GOP fundraising woes

Comedy Central’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper features a New Jersey Globe story about recent fundraising problems for the Morris County Republican Committee. The fundraising issue has become the focal point of a race for GOP county chairman between Ron DeFilippis and Rob Zwigard.  DeFilippis has been serving as the party’s finance chairman and has been criticized for running high-overhead, low-profit events that leave the Republicans

Bucco: Contentious Morris GOP chairman race not an issue

An increasingly caustic race for the chairmanship of the Morris County Republican Organization isn’t worrying state Sen. Anthony Bucco. “I don't think it's a newsworthy story at this time,” Bucco said. “You have two people – we've had that in the past where we had more than one person – looking to become chairman of the committee. It's worked out, and I'm sure it'll work out again.” Morris County Republican