Grenier resigns as County Chairman

Fran Grenier, whose bid to unseat Senate President Steve Sweeney triggered what may be the most expensive legislative race in American history, has resigned as Salem County Republican Chairman. Republicans are expected to pick a new county chairman at the March 10 convention.  Former Pittsgrove Mayor Linda DuBois, the party vice chair and now the acting county chair, says she wants to keep the job.  So far, she has no

Salem GOP’s pot of gold

Did Salem County Republicans get a vig on Fran Grenier’s State Senate race against Steve Sweeney last year? One year ago, the Salem County GOP had $19,280 cash on hand.  Now their warchest is more than ten times hat -- $223,165.  It appears that Grenier left some of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) money unspent.  So a county with a total population the size of Old Bridge has more

Grenier pays for poking the bear

There is already speculation that Salem County Republicans will seek new leadership after a disastrous 2017 for their chairman, Fran Grenier. Grenier won just 41% against Senate President Steve Sweeney in an $18.7 million contest that may be the most expensive state legislative race in American history. Republican Freeholder Bob Vanderslice lost by seven points, leaving the GOP a narrow 3-2 control of county government. But five days before Christmas,