Montclair deputy mayor seeks net neutrality rules

Montclair Deputy Mayor Sean Spiller on Tuesday introduced a resolution that would concur with an executive order signed by Gov. Phil Murphy earlier this year that sought to block internet service providers from throttling New Jerseyans’ internet connections and blocking content on the internet. Net neutrality rules were repealed by the Federal Communications Commission on June 11, opening the door for practices like throttling and paid prioritization. Murphy’s executive order

Steinhardt smacks Dems on special pension bill

Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt is slamming Assembly Democrats for scheduling a hearing on a bill that could help boost the pensions of State Sen. Jim Beach (D-Voorhees) and Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-Nutley). “When people think about politicians standing in a smoke filled, back room, slapping each others backs, this is the kind of deal they envision,” Steinhardt said.  “Giving a major bonus to insider, career politicians is New Jersey

Amador safe, not enough votes left for Campos to gain

Newark City Councilman Augusto Amador has expanded his lead over challenger Anthony Campos and is now ahead by 108 votes.  With 48 provisional votes not yet counted, Amador has a lock on his re-election to a sixth term representing the East Ward. Campos, a former Newark police chief, has not yet conceded.  But the Newark City Clerk’s office says that the race is over and that even if Campos swept