Fulop says he’s unblocked banned social media followers

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop announced this morning that he he will no longer block people on social media. His decision comes one day after a federal judge in New York ruled that President Donald Trump cannot block users from his Twitter account, ruling that the social media platform is a "designated public forum" covered by the First Amendment.  The suit was filed by seven individuals whom Trump had blocked. 

Cunningham mailer touts Stack

An endorsement of Brian Stack for Hudson County Democratic Chairman by State Sen. Sandra Cunningham (D-Jersey City) has been mailed to county committee members. Cunningham touts Stacks ability to deliver huge pluralities to Democratic candidates. "I have been fortunate to witness Brian’s ability to politically organize, as he consistently turns out monstrous voting numbers in his district. This speaks volumes about his commitment to increase voter turnout and the build-up