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Mercer County Democratic Chairwoman Janice Mironov. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe.

Mironov still mum on state chair pick

Mercer Democratic chair ‘focused 200%’ on November races

By Nikita Biryukov, November 01 2019 7:25 pm

Mercer County Democratic Chairwoman Janice Mironov won’t decide who she’ll back for Democratic state chair until after Nov. 5.

“I am focused 200% right now on Tuesday, Nov. 5, seeing that we get strong victories for all of our candidates in Mercer County,” Mironov told the New Jersey Globe. “That’s all I’m focused on right now, and that’s my answer.”

Democratic State Chairman John Currie is expected to face a challenge from Essex County Democratic Chairman LeRoy Jones, though both of the men have put the potential contest on hold until after the year’s legislative races.

Mironov is one of an increasingly small number of county chairs to hold off on backing either of the two candidates.

Each county’s Democratic State Committee members aren’t bound to vote according to their chairperson’s endorsement, but the support clearly carries some weight.

The year’s race for Democratic state chair is particularly important. The state’s redistricting process starts soon, and state chairs from the two major parties each appoint half of the members to the redistricting commission.

It’s possible that Currie and State Republican Chairman Doug Steinhardt will appoint their members before the end of the year — before Currie’s current term ends, in other words — though both have said that process is being put on the back burner until after election day.

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