Dem, Rep state leadership trade jabs on Human Rights Watch staffer

Editor's Note: This article formerly referred to Garlasco as Malinowski's subordinate. He was not. Garlasco worked out of the organization's New York office as a senior adviser, while Malinowski worked out of Washington. State Democratic leadership is pushing back against attacks leveled at Democratic House candidate Tom Malinowski by Republican state chair Doug Steinhardt. On Tuesday, Steinhardt took aim at Malinowski over a Human Rights Watch employee the latter had

Steinhardt jabs Murphy with fiscal panel findings

New Jersey Republicans are seizing on the findings released by a bipartisan fiscal panel last week that recommended cost-cutting changes to public pensions and school districts, including merging some of the latter, to attack their colleagues across the aisle. Senate President Steve Sweeney has so far backed the panel’s findings, though he did so with a degree of reluctance. And despite some hiccups that saw the Gov. Phil Murphy’s office

NJ GOP targets candidates using liberal leaders

New Jersey Republicans are attacking the state’s Democratic House candidates’ over their ties to nationally-known liberals. "Candidates like Mikie Sherrill and D.C. insiders Andy Kim and Tom Malinowski campaign as moderate Democrats, but the reality is they draw influence, seek support and are beholden to the radical, left-wing Democrat caucus, led by Elizabeth Warren,” N.J. GOP chair Doug Steinhardt said. “New Jersey needs Congressional representatives that will keep our communities

The Week of the Quiet Car

  Winner Losers GEORGE NORCROSS ARTHUR BARCLAY The South Jersey Democratic leader raises $1.5 million for a Super PAC at an event honoring the Senate President. The Camden County Democrat resigns his Assembly seat after news broke that he had been arrested on domestic violence charges. RALPH CAPUTO CHRIS CHRISTIE The Democratic Assemblyman from Essex County looks like he's about to substantially enhance his retirement account. The former governor of