Codey opposes redistricting amendment

State Sen. Dick Codey will oppose the constitutional amendment on redistricting being pushed by Democratic leaders in the legislature. “I cannot in good conscious support SCR-152.  This bill would make our commission less independent.  Efforts to change our redistricting process began a few years ago, and I feel this plan moves us backward, not forward from that proposal,” Codey said. “I believe there are some parts of the plan that

Murphy not yet whipping against redistricting amendment

Gov. Phil Murphy hasn’t started whipping votes against a constitutional amendment pushed by legislative leaders that would tilt the state’s redistricting process in Democrats’ favor. “I've not spoken to anybody who's going to cast a vote one way or the other on that,” Murphy said at an unrelated press conference Friday. “That's not to say we wouldn't. We're going to make our positions known as we digest this.” Murphy on

Murphy opposes redistricting amendment

Gov. Phil Murphy isn’t backing legislative Democrats’ attempt to change the state’s redistricting process through a constitutional amendment “I'm not a buyer of it,” Murphy said when asked about the amendment at an unrelated press conference Monday. The measure has been viewed by observers as an attack meant to reduce the power Democratic State Chairman John Currie, a close Murphy ally. Currently, each party state chair appoints half of the

Kean: Redistricting amendment limits voter choice

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean attacked legislative Democrats over a recently-introduced constitutional amendment that he and non-partisan observers say would skew the state’s district lines against the GOP. “The constitutional amendment proposed by New Jersey Democrats is not about making our elections fairer or legislative districts more competitive,” Kean said. “This sham of an amendment is about power. It’s about Democrats who have controlled the Legislature for nearly two decades