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Perth Amboy Councilman William Petrick (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Latina group wants Petrick gone

Seeks resignation after racist, misogynistic comments on social media

By David Wildstein, September 26 2018 11:18 am

The Latinas United for Political Empowerment (LUPE) PAC is calling for the resignation of Perth Amboy City Council President William Petrick for making racially inflammatory and misogynistic comments on social media.

The group pointed to Petrick’s posts that refer to women as “sex objects” and take shots at Latinos, Muslims and African-Americans.    His posts, LUPE PAC says, show support for President Donald Trump’s depiction of some immigrant-sending counties as “cesspools.”

” Reposting inflammatory social media content is disrespectful to the women of Perth Amboy and to New Jersey’s immigrant population,” the group said in a statement.

Perth Amboy is 79% Latino.

“Respect for their constituents and communities should be the number one rule for any elected official,” the statement said.  “Just last week, former Bergen County Sheriff Saudino stepped down from his public position after making racist statements that were caught on tape. We urge the public and elected leaders to join us in calling for Council President Petrick’s resignation.

LUPE PAC called Petrick’s social media postings “more than just momentary breaches of judgement.”

“He should not be relieved of his public responsibility as an elected official to create an environment of respect and equality for all who elected him to represent them on the City Council,” the group said.

LUPE PAC is a statewide organization that promotes the interests of Latinas in New Jersey politics.

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