Local dildo scandal may put GOP seats in play

Mountainside (pop. 6,685) is one of the last Republican strongholds in Union County.  Donald Trump carried it with 56% and Leonard Lance with 63% in 2016.  That’s not far off from where the borough was a decade ago, when Lance won 64% and John McCain received 61%.  It’s been Republican almost forever: the GOP won borough council seats despite national Democratic wave elections, 1964 and 1974. It’s possible that the

The Inside Edge: May Election Edition

  Bayonne election may impact Hudson Dem Chair Race Among the many spoils in today’s Bayonne elections are 102 County Committee votes in next month’s election for Hudson County Democratic Chairman.  Since city employees and their families occupy the bulk of the seats, the winner of the race for mayor will have considerable sway over where the county committee goes in June.  Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and Mayor Jimmy

Rooney sticking by Trump

Assemblyman Kevin Rooney (R-Wyckoff) is sticking by President Trump. “I support our president right now, and I support the office,” Rooney said on Monday. Rooney’s continued support isn’t all that surprising considering Trump is still popular among Republicans in the state despite the disdain the he garners from the majority of the state’s voters. Rooney did say that his support for the candidate could end in certain circumstances, but the

Poll: Booker 4th in New Hampshire primary poll

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is running fourth in a poll testing potential Democratic candidates in the 2020 New Hampshire presidential primary -- a relatively good number considering the history of New Hampshire polls this far out. The Suffolk University poll released today has Sen. Elizabeth Warren leading with 26%, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden (20%), Sen. Bernie Sanders (12.5%), and Booker with 8%. The second tier includes: