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Perth Amboy Councilman William Petrick (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Perth Amboy candidates want Diaz to stop acting as surrogate

By Nikita Biryukov, October 05 2018 12:37 pm

Candidates in Perth Amboy on Friday called for their opponents to stop allowing Mayor Wilda Diaz to act as a surrogate. Diaz has leveled attacks against the challengers over Facebook posts made by Council President Bill Petrick that described women as sex objects and agreed with President Donald Trump calling some African nations “shithole countries.”

“Our opponents have, so far, hidden behind Mayor Diaz. They let her speak for them and make unjustified attacks. This is a disservice to both campaigns and, worse, to voters,” Petrick said. “Let’s stop distracting people from what’s really important in their lives.”

Petrick is running with Councilman Joel Pabon and school board member Milady Tejeda, who is running for council. All three are running on the “Perth Amboy First” ticket.

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