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Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso (R-Holmdel). (Photo: Courtesy of the New Jersey State Assembly)

DiMaso tossed from GOP fundraiser

After being disinvited, Monmouth assemblywoman showed up anyway

By David Wildstein, June 09 2019 3:17 pm

Monmouth County Republicans barred Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso (R-Holmdel) from attending a party fundraiser on Wednesday because she bucked the GOP line in the Holmdel Township Committee primary.

DiMaso was told in advance that she had been disinvited from the event, but showed up anyway, several sources confirmed.  The freshman assemblywoman was not allowed in and told to leave the Bar Anticipation in Lake Como.

The fundraiser was organized to benefit Sheriff Shaun Golden, the Monmouth County Republican chairman, as well as Freeholder Director Tom Arnone and County Clerk Christine Hanlon.

DiMaso, the New Jersey Globe has learned, was asked to stay out of the Holmdel primary where Golden was backing Mayor Eric Hinds for re-election and had tossed incumbent Mike Nikolis off the line to support former school board member Chiung-Yin Liu.  Sources confirmed that DiMaso, the Holmdel Planning Board chair, was heavily involved in Nikolis’ campaign.

While election night returns showed Nikolis ahead, a count of provisional and vote-by-mail ballots put Liu ahead by nine votes, 666 to 657.

Two days after DiMaso was tossed from the Republican fundraiser, Nikolis declined to seek a recount despite the closeness of the race.

The relationship between Golden and DiMaso has deteriorated in recent months and the Holmdel primary was viewed as the apogee of their struggling affiliation.

In April, Golden put Freeholder Gerald Scharfenberger’s name first on the Assembly slate in the 13th district, even though incumbents usually get top billing.  Scharfenberger ran 31 votes ahead of DiMaso.

DiMaso, a former Holmdel mayor and Monmouth County freeholder, won an Assembly seat in 2017 when Joseph Kyrillos (R-Middletown) retired and Declan O’Scanlon (R-Little Silver) moved up to the Senate.

The retirement of seven-term Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (R-Middletown) led to Scharfenberger securing a spot on the Assembly ticket.

The 13th district is considered strongly Republican, even though the GOP voter registration edge is just 2,710.  Donald Trump won the district with 57% in 2016; in 2017, 13th district voters backed Kim Guadagno for governor against Phil Murphy by a 58%-42% margin.  Guadagno and Murphy both reside in the district.

Golden and DiMaso did not immediately reply to requests for comment.  Golden was contacted by text message at 2:38 PM and DiMaso by phone at 2:48 PM.

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11 thoughts on “DiMaso tossed from GOP fundraiser

  1. Party Boss Sheriff Golden is an absolute disgrace to what the GOP SHOULD BE. He needs to resign effective immediately!

    1. Could it be “Watching Us Go Down the Toilet” is Serena DiMaso??? Certainly sounds like her! LOL

      1. You know what’s disgraceful, hiding behind a keyboard and using a surname!! Big talk for someone that hides.

        1. Dear Ms. LaRosa,

          What indeed is disgraceful is the fact that my Assembly person refuses to get back to me when I have a problem. That Assemblyperson is Serena DiMaso. Aren’t you her “Constituent Services Representative?”

        2. Marlboro’s Jim the Feces Chucking Monkey is still pissed he couldn’t turn gadfly into a paying position
          FYI Jim is also most of the other “people” posting comments along with his famous Monmouth Watchdog when in fact lapdog better suits him.

  2. Rapepublicans can all go fuck themselves. The 13th is a snake nest of wealthy assholes making sure their guys get into and stay in power. Tons of open space here, but the cost of decent housing is unaffordable for anyone making less than 125,000 per year. While these cunts bicker about their petty grievances with each other, Fort Monmouth continues to rot as it has for the past fifteen years. So many potential affordable housing units have been *wasted* because of the greed of RAPEPUBLICANS on the FMERA, and these fucking clowns are fighting about a party girl crashing their party? Bullllshit.

    1. I guess we can curse on this page. With that being said “The Voice of the People” go fuck yourself!

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