Monmouth, Passaic GOP picks Hugin

Republicans in Monmouth and Passaic counties have chosen pharmaceutical executive Bob Hugin to run on their organization line for U.S. Senate. “Bob Hugin will represent all New Jerseyans with honor in Washington and I’m proud to support his candidacy,” said Monmouth County Republican Chairman Shaun Golden. “Bob has been a job creator here in New Jersey for decades and I know he’ll continue to fight for New Jersey in the

Golden slaps Murphy on tax deduction plan

One potential candidate for the 2021 Republican gubernatorial nomination lashed out at Gov. Phil Murphy today for promoting a plan to help New Jerseyans protect their federal property tax deduction. Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden also told Murphy to “stop campaigning against President Trump and get to work governing New Jersey.” Murphy was in Marlboro last Friday to push for a plan that would allow New Jersey residents to pay

Monmouth will wait for Hugin

Monmouth County Republicans won't vote to endorse a U.S. Senate candidate at the convention on Saturday -- postponing their vote to accommodate the announcement schedule of pharmaceutical millionaire Bob Hugin. Hugin has not yet announced his candidacy, but party leaders who have spoken to him understand that he is running.  Party organizations have done this before, when the timeline of a potential top-of-the-ticket candidate and the local organization conflict.   There

Curley convention filing fails

Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley failed to file 25 signatures to be on the ballot for the February Monmouth GOP convention, so he won’t be eligible to seek re-election on the organization line, according to a report on More Monmouth Musings. What’s surprising is that Curley even bothered to file a letter of intent.  Following a vote by the rest of the Board of Freeholders to censure him after allegations

The short list for Smith’s seat

I don’t give much credence to rumors that Rep. Chris Smith (R-Mercer) will retire from Congress this year.  But it’s reasonable to at least consider the possibility of retirement for any incumbent who has been in office for 38 years, but Smith is just 64 – that’s relatively young -- if he were a New Jersey State Senator, he'd be in the younger half of the caucus.  The idea that