Republicans get solid wins in Monmouth freeholder race

Republican candidates for the Monmouth County Freeholder Board secured solid victories but fell short of winning in a landslide. Sue Kiley, who Monmouth County Chair Shaun Golden fielded after dropping Freeholder John Curley over sexual harassment allegations, won with 122,165 votes, about 50%. Democrat Amber Gesslein got 108,946 votes, or 45%. Roughly 4%, or 10,943, cast ballots for Curley. Freeholder Gerard Scharfenberger won with 125,055 votes, securing a four-point victory

Luttrell wants Scharfenberger to rule out Assembly run

Monmouth County Democratic freeholder candidate Larry Luttrell wants his opponent, Freeholder Gerry Scharfenberger, to promise he won’t jump ship to higher office if the opportunity presents itself. “In his classic fashion, Gerry Scharfenberger immediately looks for a taxpayer funded raise as soon as he sees one for the taking. It is obvious that appointed Freeholder Scharfenberger is hoping to jump from his $27,000 a year salary as part-time Freeholder to

Menendez, Hugin trade jabs over Fort Monmouth

Bob Hugin appeared with local officials who lambasted Sen. Bob Menendez over the 2011 closing of Fort Monmouth, a former Army base that brought close to ten thousand jobs to the county, on Wednesday. “When the federal government closed Fort Monmouth, Bob Menendez failed to save thousands of New Jersey jobs. The federal government’s decision and the failure by our elected officials in Washington to stop it had a real