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Democrats near 1 million registration edge over GOP

New Jersey added Dems at 2-1 rate in October

By David Wildstein, November 02 2019 5:19 pm

New Jersey now has 979,744 more Democrats than Republicans – up 2,909 from last month – as Democrats continue their march toward a 1 million voter advantage in party registration.”

The state is poised to have more Democrats than Unaffiliated voters – often referred to as Independents – for the first time.  The gap between Unaffiliated and Democratic is just 70,742.

In October, New Jersey added 5,415 more Democrats and 2,506 new Republicans to the voter rolls.  Unaffiliated registration went up by 5,994.

In total, 15,991 new voters registered, although it is not immediately clear how many of them came before the October 15 deadline to be eligible for next week’s general election.

New party registration in key legislative districts:

* 1st District: 52 more Democrats and 44 more Republicans.  The GOP now has a 30.4%-28.4% registration edge.

* 8th District: 239 more Democrats and 177 more Republicans.  Registration is now 32%-28% in favor of Democrats.

* 21st District: 120 more Democrats and 34 less Republicans.  Democrats have a 31%-28% registration edge.

* 25th District: 283 more Democrats and 90 more Republicans.  The GOP registration edge is now 34%-29%.

* 39th District: 33 less Democrats and 189 less Republicans.  Republicans have a 29%-27.6% edge in voter registration.

Voter Registration 10-31-2019
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