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Democrats near million-voter registration edge

Dems add 207k new voters in New Jersey since Trump election

By David Wildstein, July 09 2019 8:26 am

New Jersey is moving closer to having one million more Democrats than Republicans within the next year, with Democratic voter registration outpacing the GOP by a 2-1 margin since the 2018 mid-term elections.

Democrats outnumber Republicans by 963,385, according to the state Division of Elections.  That’s up 67,086 since the November 2018 election.  Republican registration has increased by 34,243 during the same time period.

Since Donald Trump was elected president, New Jersey has picked up 206,752 new Democrats and 105,916 new Republicans.

New Jersey now has 2,280,845 Democrats, 1,317,460 Republicans, and 2,359,115 unaffiliated voters.  An additional 62,424 voters are registered as members of one of eight independent parties.

More New Jerseyans are identifying with a political party.  The number of unaffiliated voters – sometimes called independents – has dropped by 157,160 since Trump’s election.

New Jersey is on track to have more Democrats than unaffiliated voters for the first time in state history.  The gap now stands at 78,270 – down from 442,182 in November 2016.

In 2001, the last time Republicans had a governor and majorities in both houses of the Legislature, 55% of New Jersey voters were not affiliated with either political party.  In eighteen years, that number has dropped to 39.9%.

Democrats made up 25.3% of the voters in 2001, while 19.5% were registered as Republicans. Now Democrats are at 37.5% and Republicans at 21.6%.   In raw numbers — and understanding that we’re not talking about the same voters – as unaffiliateds have lost 15% of their market share since 2001, more 80% of those voters are now registered as Democrats.

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