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Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

New Menendez ad savages Hugin

Hits GOP candidate on drug company record, Trump and Christie ties

By David Wildstein, September 21 2018 12:08 am

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez has a new digital ad that labels rival Bob Hugin as a greedy CEO who has made millions by “gouging cancer patients.”

The ad seek to remind voters of Menendez’s attacks on Hugin so far: a $280 million settlement to avoid trial for defrauding Medicare, opposing equality for women and the LGBTQ community; donating huge amounts of money to the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Chris Christie; and backing “extreme right wing causes.”

“Bob Hugin makes no apologies for who he is: a greedy, corrupt drug company CEO who put profits over patients, risked their lives, fights to roll back the clock on women’s, LGBTQ and civil rights, is too spineless to stand up to Donald Trump, and will put New Jersey dead last,” said Steve Sandberg, a spokesman for Menendez.  “Bob Hugin must be drinking his own Kool-Aid if he thinks he can get away with a record like that.  New Jerseyans deserve a champion like Bob Menendez who’s always had our backs and delivered for our state, and won’t be fooled by all the lies Hugin’s money can buy.”


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