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New Hugin ad upbraids Menendez

‘Bob Menendez may have avoided prison, but he disgraced New Jersey’

By David Wildstein, March 28 2018 1:38 pm

On the day that Bob Menendez formally launched his re-election campaign, Republican challenger Bob Hugin has released a harsh internet ad reminding voters of the allegations of corruption that followed the Democratic U.S. Senator through much of his second term.

The Hugin ad uses TV news clips that detail accusations made against Menendez before before the charges against him were dismissed.

“Bob Menendez may have avoided prison, but he disgraced New Jersey,” the voiceover says at the end of an ad that includes clips with Rachel Maddow and Lester Holt. “Time for a change.”

Michael Soliman, Menendez’s chief political advisor, took aim at Hugin, who approved the ad.

“When New Jersey families find out exactly how Bob Hugin made his millions, I seriously doubt we’ll be seeing very much of him on the campaign trail.”

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