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Anti-Hugin protesters back at Celgene

As Celgene employees go home for the night, they'll see a large group of protesters bashing former CEO and likely U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin. This is the second time a group of activists stood outside the pharmaceutical giant's corporate headquarters in Summit taking aim at Hugin, Donald Trump, and the sometimes unpopular drug industry.  The protesters are handing out fliers detailing Hugin's contributions to Trump, former Gov. Chris Christie
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Analyst: Menendez seat “likely Democratic”

A top independent analyst says that Bob Menendez remains favored to win re-election, but must still deal with the effects of the now-dismissed corruption charges that have affected his approval ratings. Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley of Sabato's Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia said that “Menendez should benefit from the midterm political environment.” “If Hillary Clinton were president, we would view this race differently,” Kondik and Skelley wrote.
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Hugin enters race, sort of

Businessman Bob Hugin, who is expected  to enter the race for United States Senator, is among the four candidates to file letters of intent with the Bergen County Republican Organization -- meeting the February 1 filing deadline to compete for the organization line. Celgene announced Hugin's retirement from the pharmaceutical and bio-tech company last week, paving the way for his self-financed campaign against Democrat Bob Menendez.  He has already met
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Report: Singh will seek Senate seat

Hirsh Singh will enter the race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, according to a report by InsiderNJ. Singh won 10% of the vote in the 2017 GOP gubernatorial after spending $1 million – nearly all of it as a loan from his father. South Jersey Republicans had tried to convince Singh to suspend his statewide ambitions and self-finance a bid for Congress in the 2nd, where Rep. Frank
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Goldberg will enter Senate race

Construction company executive Brian Goldberg will announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate on Thursday. The West Orange resident ran for Senate in 2014 and finished third in the GOP primary with 25%.  He trailed Jeff Bell (29%) and Richard Pezzullo (25%), and finished ahead of Murray Sabrin (19%). Goldberg will become the third candidate to join the race.  Pezzullo, a conservative, and Dana Wefer, a progressive
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Christie praises Hugin

Former Gov. Chris Christie took to Twitter today to praise his close ally, Bob Hugin, on his retirement from pharma giant Celgene.  Hugin is expected to enter the race for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination against incumbent Bob Menendez. It’s no surprise that Christie is praising him.  Hugin contributed $250,000 to Christie’s super PAC, $2,700 to Christie’s presidential campaign and $5,000 to the Leadership Matters for America PAC.  Christie’s best
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Celgene announces Hugin retirement

Celgene announced that Bob Hugin will retire as executive chairman on February 5 – a signal that he is about to enter the race for U.S. Senator.  He will also give up his seat on the Board of Directors of the pharmaceutical giant. “It has been a tremendous privilege to be part of Celgene’s growth and to help advance Celgene’s mission to serve patients through scientific breakthroughs in the treatment
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Monmouth will wait for Hugin

Monmouth County Republicans won't vote to endorse a U.S. Senate candidate at the convention on Saturday -- postponing their vote to accommodate the announcement schedule of pharmaceutical millionaire Bob Hugin. Hugin has not yet announced his candidacy, but party leaders who have spoken to him understand that he is running.  Party organizations have done this before, when the timeline of a potential top-of-the-ticket candidate and the local organization conflict.   There
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Looks like Hugin is in Senate race

Self-funder Bob Hugin has decided to run for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination, sources say, and is in the process of assembling a campaign team.   He’s meeting with consultants and staff and preparing for an announcement in his bid to take on U.S. Senator Bob Menendez. The 63-year-old executive chairman of Celgene, a major pharmaceutical and biotech company in New Jersey, has never run for office before.  But he’s been
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Hugin attracts protesters at Celgene

One of New Jersey’s largest pharmaceutical companies got a glimpse today of what life might be like if Bob Hugin enters the race for U.S. Senate. A group of progressive activists stood outside Celgene’s corporate headquarters in Summit this morning, holding signs criticizing Hugin and Celgene.  This is expected to be a regular occurrence at Celgene and other New Jersey-based pharmaceutical companies by a group of protesters anxious to link