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Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe.

Morris Dem chair backs Currie

Robinson says governor should get to pick state party chair

By David Wildstein, December 21 2018 4:32 pm

Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson has endorsed Democratic State Chairman John Currie for re-election.

“I support Chairman Currie 100% because he has been an unshakable ally to the Morris County Democrats, and we would not have the kind of success we’re seeing now without his leadership. With more than a year to go before this election, I believe it’s irresponsible for us as Democrats to throw our party into chaos when we should be supporting the momentum that has been building the past couple years in New Jersey,” said Robinson. “Under John Currie’s leadership our party won historic victories; We’ve won 11 out of 12 Congressional seats and delivered The most votes any Senator has received in our state for Senator Menendez.

Robinson said that Gov. Phil Murphy should get his choice for party chair and that undermining his choice undermines the Governor.

Robinson said that with Currie’s help, Democrats have nearly doubled their local election wins over  the last few years.

“Chairman Currie has also encouraged grassroots engagement and welcomed into the fold those new people and new groups that got involved in the party in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election,” Robinson said.

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