Sires looks to build West New York landslide for Menendez

To paraphrase the late Everett McKinley Dirksen, a couple of thousand votes here and few thousand there, and suddenly you’re talking about some real numbers. The big deal about Albio Sires opening a campaign headquarters in his hometown of West New York is that he’s trying to build up a huge plurality for his friend Bob Menendez. West New York has about 22,000 voters and Democrats have a 5-1 voter

Sweeney praises Cuomo, probably to annoy Murphy

Three days before the New York Democratic gubernatorial primary, New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney issued a statement praising Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his plan to create a permanent pedestrian plaza in front of Penn Station in Manhattan.  Sources say that Cuomo has cultivated a relationship with Sweeney, largely through mutual friends from the building trades unions. Gov. Phil Murphy already has a strained relationship with Cuomo and has refused

MacArthur: Legalized marijuana would be a ‘terrible mistake’

While some of New Jersey’s congressional delegates support state Democrats’ plans to legalize recreational marijuana, Rep. Tom MacArthur thinks it would be a potentially-lethal mistake. “I think it's a terrible mistake. It's a risk we do not need to be taking,” MacArthur said at a press conference on in Burlington City on Monday. “I understand that marijuana may have some medical use, and I'm certainly ok with using it in

DNC chair to speak at state conference

State Democrats' annual conference is drawing some star power. In addition to a slate of the state's most powerful Democrats, including Gov. Phil Murphy, Sens. Bob Menendez and Cory Booker and all 12 of the state's Democratic House nominees, the two-day convention will feature a speech by Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. “As a party, we are standing up against Donald Trump’s intolerant policies and working to affect change