The Week Steve Fulop showed why he’ll never be U.S. Secretary of State

  Winner Losers RAYMOND LESNIAK STEVE FULOP The former state senator, who retired in January after 40 years in the Legislature, was the earliest and fiercest proponent of legalized sports betting -- soon to be a reality courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court. Ex-Gov. Christie gets plaudits for this too. The mayor of Jersey City looks like the Charlie Brown of New Jersey after her announces an agreement with the

College Republicans defend Hugin, say lack of jobs force grads to leave NJ

The New Jersey College Republicans are siding with U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin after the College Democrats president criticized a tweet saying that parents should get their couches read after Rutgers University graduation. The group says Hugin was accurate in saying that many graduates have no choice but to move back home because New Jersey is so unaffordable, citing a CNN report that 70% of students leaving the state did

Fiordaliso was third choice, Cuomo not on board Murphy’s Port Authority plan

Congratulations to POLITICO for confirming the story that the New Jersey Globe had more than four hours earlier: that Gov. Phil Murphy has decided to resurrect the old deputy executive director position.  The leading candidate, as reported this morning, is Joseph Fiordaliso, a lobbyist who worked at the state Department of Transportation under Governors Richard Codey and Jon Corzine. Here’s a few things POLITICO missed during the four hours they