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Rep. Albio Sires (D-West New York)

Sires tells Hugin to speak up on Kavanaugh

Hudson congressman says Trump nominee would push conservative agenda

By David Wildstein, July 12 2018 3:13 pm

The drumbeat of lawmakers criticizing Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin for not taking a position on President Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. Supreme Court continues.

Rep. Albio Sires (D-West New York) today said that if Hugin wants to be a Senator, he needs to say if he’ll support Brett Kavanaugh to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy or not.

“Too much is at stake for Bob Hugin to keep quiet on his positions on these issues. Hugin needs to come clean on Kavanaugh, and tell us whether he stands with Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, or with the people of New Jersey,” said Sires.

Sires says he is opposed to Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“Brett Kavanaugh is a partisan choice who would push his conservative agenda and swing the Supreme Court to the hard-right. He would endanger the rights of women, workers, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community,” Sires said.  “Kavanaugh’s appointment would put Roe v. Wade, the Affordable Care Act, and consumer protections in jeopardy.”

Hugin, a former pharmaceutical company executive, issued a statement on Monday night saying that he wants to see how the process unfolds before deciding if he will support Trump’s nominee.  Several other Senators from both parties have taken the same path.

Menendez and Sen. Cory Booker have both announced they will oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

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