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Senate candidates agree to debate

Hugin issues challenge, Menendez quickly accepts

By David Wildstein, August 09 2018 7:01 pm

Bob Hugin today challenged Bob Menendez to a debate – a dare that the incumbent U.S. Senator quickly accepted.

“I look forward to debating Senator Bob Menendez and contrasting his record of corruption and failure with mine as a military veteran and successful business leader who has created jobs and led a company that revolutionized the fight against cancer,” said Hugin. “Senator Menendez thought he could avoid being held accountable to the voters, but he was wrong. We are holding him accountable every day and these debates will be another opportunity for voters to make a choice about who can best represent them and their families in Washington.”

In accepting the challenge, the Menendez campaign punched back at the Republican pharmaceutical company CEO.

“We look forward to debating greedy drug company CEO Bob Hugin on how he’s ripped off cancer patients, gamed the system to keep his drug costs so high and why he gave $250,000 to Donald Trump and was Chris Christie’s top donor,” said Steve Sandberg, a spokesman for the two-term Senator.

Hugin’s campaign said they were negotiating with NJTV and other news outlets, although such negotiations would have to include the Democratic incumbent at some point.

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