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House candidate Amy Kennedy.

Kennedy: Van Drew should stand up to Trump, McConnell

By David Wildstein, May 04 2020 8:50 am

Democratic congressional candidate Amy Kennedy opposes an executive order signed by President Donald Trump that keeps meat-packing plants open and has criticized House and Senate Republican leaders for demanding liability protection for employers as a condition of another stimulus plan.

Kennedy is demanding that Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis) stand up to Trump and the GOP congressional leadership.

“Once again, the Republicans in Congress, with Mitch McConnell leading the charge, have chosen to fight to the death to protect big corporations from getting sued instead of fighting to protect American workers,” said Kennedy.  “Jeff Van Drew should stand up to Republican leadership and tell them that the physical safety and economic well-being of people in South Jersey should not be held hostage by big corporations who want to avoid their responsibilities to their employees and customers.”

A former public school teacher, Kennedy is one of five Democrats seeking the chance to take on Van Drew in the July 7 Democratic primary in New Jersey’s 2nd district.

Van Drew was elected to Congress as a Democrat in 2018, but switched parties late last year after refusing to support Trump’s impeachment.

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