Grossman ad attempts to link Van Drew to far left

In a new tv ad, Seth Grossman is again trying to paint State. Sen. Jeff Van Drew as a far-left Democrat in order to raise campaign funds as the election enters its closing weeks. The ad quotes Van Drew saying “I’m a Democrat, I stick with my party.” It’s not clear how old the clip is. The ad then tries to link Van Drew to elements in the party’s liberal

Van Drew airs first ad

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew launched his first ad of the campaign season on Wednesday. The ad uses Van Drew’s role as a legislator and his dentistry career to frame the congressional hopeful as someone who will fight against unfair practices at drug and insurance companies. “For many years, people have walked through this door and this one,” Van Drew says in the ad, referring to his legislative office and

Grossman says Van Drew would impeach Kavanaugh

Republican congressional candidate Seth Grossman is raising money off the message that Democrats want to impeach U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It is their first item of business. Even before repealing the Trump Tax Cuts.  Even before pushing their single payer ‘Medicaid for all free clinic’ scheme.  Even before stopping President Trump's military buildup. Even before impeaching President Trump. They now have an even bigger agenda item,” Grossman wrote

Grossman defends lynching comments, attacks Van Drew

Seth Grossman on Friday attacked State Sen. Jeff Van Drew for condemning the former Atlantic County freeholder’s comments comparing the treatment of U.S. Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh to 20th-century lynchings. “I was even more disappointed that Van Drew then told supporters that my comments comparing the Kavanaugh hearings to lynchings in the past were ‘disgusting.’ The similarities are obvious,” Grossman said. “Although, Brett Kavanaugh was not physically killed or injured, Democrats destroyed

Grossman attacks Van Drew over Kavanaugh

Seth Grossman attacked State Sen. Jeff Van Drew for his opposition to U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Friday. “The ‘new Jeff Van Drew’ is now coming out,” Grossman said. “He has given the false impression that he is a reasonable, reach-across-the-aisle legislator in the state senate for the last 16 years, but he really has been nothing but an obedient tow-the-party-line Democrat destroying the state’s economy.  His opposition to