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Smith teams up with Krickus and Lyon in Morris

Incumbent running with two ex-freeholders

By David Wildstein, April 02 2018 1:21 pm

Morris County Freeholder Deborah Smith will run on a slate with two former freeholders, John Krickus and Hank Lyon.  The three announced their candidacies in a statement released this afternoon.  The Smith-Krickus-Lyon ticket was first reported by the New Jersey Globe last week.

Freeholder John Cesaro is expected to run for re-election.  Another incumbent, Christine Myers, is not seeking a second term.

Aura Dunn, the district director for Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, announced her candidacy this morning.

“Morris County is no longer ‘safe’ for Republicans in a general election, which is why it’s imperative that our party nominates the strongest team of fiscally conservative candidates for Freeholder in June,” said Smith, Krickus and said.  “Our team has a proven track record of delivering three years of no county property tax increases, and a near zero in the just passed county budget.  While keeping taxes down, the Smith-Krickus-Lyon team has also made it a priority to invest in law enforcement, higher education, open space and infrastructure.  We have reduced county debt by over $50 million and maintained a rare triple AAA credit rating.  With liberal Phil Murphy and an all-Democrat, tax and spend legislature in Trenton, it is critical that a strong, conservative check and balance exists on the Morris County Freeholder Board.  There is no question that a Smith-Krickus-Lyon team will be just that.”

Smith, a former Denville Councilwoman, was elected Freeholder in 2015.  Krickus lost his bid for re-election that year, and Lyon gave up his seat in 2017 to run for the State Assembly.

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One thought on “Smith teams up with Krickus and Lyon in Morris

  1. Deb Smith has raised taxes every year she has been in office dating back to her 20 years on Denville Council. She is a tax and spend liberal

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