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Winners & Losers: The Week of the Human Fundraising Machine

By David Wildstein, April 20 2018 12:00 am


Winner Losers
The freshman Democratic congressman is a human fundraising machine, raising $732,305 in the first three months of the year and has $3,257,826 cash-on-hand. The Morris County Clerk looks less than “over-qualified” when a Superior Court Judge rules that she doesn’t understand how to run an election.
The Governor has New Jersey’s back and fights back against GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s bid to lure New Jerseyans to Texas — and shows that a governor can have a fight without getting mean. The West New York Democratic Municipal Chairman has been ordered to appear before a judge to answer questions about how petitions he circulated for Mayor Felix Roque wound up in the hands of a political rival .
 The North Bergen mayor wins three school board seats by a 10-1 margin, not an easy task when there are 23 candidates on the ballot and his slate is not bracketed together.  Note: this may be the first time Sacco has made the Winners & Losers list since it debuted in 18 years ago.  New Jersey’s “Weedman” and perennial candidate is in jail awaiting trial on witness tampering charges, just as New Jersey is coming around to his viewpoint: a poll shows 59% of New Jerseyans agree it’s time to legalize recreational marijuana.
The Republican State Chairman hosts a successful party building event last weekend in Atlantic City, drawing more than 300 people.  The Long Branch mayoral candidate is a no-show at the first debate.  Maybe he was taking a walk through Princeton?
The Essex County congressman does the noble thing and writes a check to a young protégé seeking a Newark City Council seat and didn’t care if the slate of incumbents he supports get mad.  In an era of extreme partisanship, it was actually a nice demonstration of leadership.   A new Monmouth University poll shows that Democrats could sweep all 12 New Jersey congressional seats in 2018 — putting Leonard Lance, Tom MacArthur and even nineteen-term Rep. Chris Smith potentially in the cross hairs of a Democratic wave.


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