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Surrogates for U.S. Senate candidates duke it out

By David Wildstein, August 02 2018 6:37 pm

Surrogates for two candidates for U.S. Senate today exchanged barbs regarding the treatment of women by Democrat Bob Menendez and his Republican opponent, Bob Hugin,

Last week, five Democratic Senators held a press conference to criticize Hugin for fighting the admission of women and gays into an exclusive private Princeton University eating club as a student in the 1970’s and as an alumni in the 1990’s.  The New Jersey Republican State Committee responded with tweets to each of the Senators – Loretta Weinberg, Teresa Ruiz, Nia Gill, Sandra Cunningham and Nellie Pou – asking them to address Menendez’s record on women.

“It’s been a week since Senators Cunningham, Weinberg, Ruiz and Pou have recoiled into the shelter of their golden dome after being pressed on Senator Menendez’s offensive history with women. New Jersey’s voters deserve a clear position from them on his record of using his official office to import and exploit young foreign women for his married criminal donor and friend Salomon Melgen,” said Theresa Winegar, the state party executive director.  “A bi-partisan panel of U.S. Senators recognized Menendez’s abuse of power, but it seems the female delegation of Democrats in New Jersey’s Senate find his behavior to be totally acceptable.”

Menendez’s spokesman, Steve Sandberg, responded with a sharp criticism of Hugin’s ties to President Donald Trump.

“Bob Hugin proudly gave hundreds of thousands of dollars and shook the hand of a man who openly bragged to have sexually assaulted women, bought off mistresses to keep them quiet, barged in on pageant contestants as they changed in the locker room, and called women he considered unattractive, pigs,” said Sandberg. “Where’s Bob Hugin’s outrage?  Where’s the state GOP’s outrage over Bob Hugin, who himself actively fought to deny women access to his all-boys club at Princeton?”

Hugin has strong ties to Trump.  He was a Trump delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention, gave $100,000 to a super PAC backing Trump, $5,200 directly to the Trump campaigns, and $150,000 to the Republican National Committee in the 2016 cycle.

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