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Former Elmwood Park Councilwoman Magdalena Giandomenico

Magdalena Giandomenico considers run for Elmwood Park mayor

Ex-councilwoman may take on Dem Francesco Caramagna

By David Wildstein, February 20 2019 5:22 pm

Magdalena Giandomenico is mulling a challenge to Elmwood Park Mayor Francesco Caramagna in the fall, potentially pitting a 33-year-old Republican against a 73-year-old Democratic incumbent.

Republican Richard Mola served as mayor for 45 years until his death in 2016 at age 80.

Giandomenico lost her bid for re-election to the borough council last year by 638 votes after a heated campaign.

Republicans think their chances are better in 2019, when voter turnout is expected to be light.

Caramagna won the remaining 26 months of Mola’s term in a 2017 special election.  He defeated Republican Bob Colletti by 318 votes.

Giandomenico is the municipal clerk in Park Ridge.

During the 2018 campaign Caramagna made a direct pitch for votes at a council meeting, something that is typically frowned upon at the local government level.

“I’m campaigning for the two candidates, yes,” said Caramagna, a Democrat.  “Talk to people to vote for us.”

That provoked a direct rebuke from the borough attorney, Giuseppe Randazzo.

“You can’t say that,” Randazzo said, appearing to explain to Caramagna the line that exists between political campaigns and an official government meeting.

It wasn’t clear that Caramagna had fully captured the essence of that.

When Giandomenico tried to comment, Caramagna quickly cut her off.

Republicans have turned the incident into a campaign video that is running online.

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