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Elmwood Park mayor makes campaign pitch at council meeting

‘You can’t say that,” attorney tells Caramagna

By David Wildstein, October 22 2018 12:04 pm

Elmwood Park Mayor Francisco Caramagna made a direct pitch for votes at a Borough Council meeting last week, something that is typically frowned upon at the local government level.

“I’m campaigning for the two candidates, yes,” said Caramagna, a Democrat.  “Talk to people to vote for us.”

That provoked a direct rebuke from the borough attorney, Giuseppe Randazzo.

“You can’t say that,” Randazzo said, appearing to explain to Caramagna the line that exists between political campaigns and an official government meeting.

It wasn’t clear that Caramagna had fully captured the essence of that.

When Councilwoman Magdalena Giandomenico tried to comment, Caramagna quickly cut her off.

Republicans have turned the incident into a campaign video that is running online.

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2 thoughts on “Elmwood Park mayor makes campaign pitch at council meeting

  1. Our town is being ruined by an unethical Mayor and council. The Mayor has only one agenda at hand, and it’s advancing his democratic candidates. I believe an investigation into the Mayor’s behavior should be conducted.

  2. At the council meeting last week, councilman Dumbrowski came toward a resident, as if he was going to hit him. Dombrowski backed down when he realized what he was doing was about to become an assault.
    Candidate Doris Wetchlet has on her FB, telling people if they don’t like our customs here in America, they should go back to their country and she will help them pack.
    Council Golabek asked her to take it down, but then gave her a heart sign.

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