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Former councilwoman Magdalena (Maggie) Giandomenico, the Republican candidate for mayor of Elmwood Park, with council candidates Thomas DeSiervo, left, and Thomas Conboy

Giandomenico will challenge Carmmagna in Elmwood Park

Mayor faces former councilwoman who is 40 years younger

By David Wildstein, April 01 2019 2:31 pm

Former councilwoman Magdalena (Maggie) Giandomenico will run for mayor of Elmwood Park, setting up a possible general election matchup between the 33-year-old Republican and 73-year-old Democratic incumbent Francesco Carmmagna.

Giandomenico  will first need to get through the GOP primary, where she is running off the line against former Mayor Robert Colletti.

Former councilman Thomas Conboy and 27-year-old Thomas DeSiervo will run for borough council in Giandomenico’s slate.  Colletti is running with council candidates Brad Forrestieri and Carl Roberts.

Giandomenico, the municipal clerk in Park Ridge, lost her bid for re-election to the borough council last year by 638 votes after a heated campaign.

“Our team is the best team to lead Elmwood Park into the future. We need to end one party-rule,” said   Giandomenico.  “The challenges facing our town, from having a Mayor who is not up to the task of leading our community, to every decision being politically driven, to the recovery following the tragic Marcal fire, we need a different direction for our town.”

Republican Richard Mola served as mayor for 45 years until his death in 2016 at age 80.

The GOP slate promises to run on a platform that will control spending and put an end to political patronage hires.

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