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South Bound Brook Councilwoman Kathy Conner.

Incumbents hold in South Bound Brook

Conner’s seat might be headed to a recount

By Nikita Biryukov, November 12 2019 2:51 pm

Incumbents will hold their seats on South Bound Brook’s borough council, but Democratic Councilwoman Kathy Conner’s win may come down to a recount.

Going into Tuesday, Conner led Republican challenger Bruce Blumenthal by just five votes.

Vote by mail ballots received by the county clerk on Wednesday and Tuesday last week didn’t change that.

All four candidates in the race received two votes then, keeping margins intact, but Conner pulled ahead in machine-counted provisional ballots.

She and her running mate, Roy Ramnarine, each received five votes there, while Blumenthal and Republican Councilwoman Kathryn Kelly, the race’s top vote-getter, received three.

Those figures discount up to five remaining provisional ballots that could be included in a hand count, but they won’t be enough to overtake Conner’s eight-vote lead.

Still, the race might come down to a recount.

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