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Peter Marino, left, and Wendy Robinson.

Democrats flip Watchung

By Nikita Biryukov, November 12 2019 2:41 pm

Democrats flipped two Republican seats in Watchung to secure a 4-2 majority on the council a year after winning the borough’s mayorship and two of its council seats.

Democrat Wendy Robinson was the top vote-getter, earning 964 votes. Pete Martino ran close behind with 953 votes.

They ousted incumbent Councilman George Sopko, who got 910 votes.

Republican newcomer Amber Murad got 918 votes. She sought a seat left open after Councilman William Nehls decided not to see re-election.

While Robinson’s win has been assured since election night, Martino’s was within striking distance for the county’s Republicans.

Late vote by mail and provisional ballots brought Martino a safe victory.

He got 15 of the late VBMs and 23 of the provisional ballots, while Sopko got 16 of the votes counted Tuesday and Murad got 19.

Those totals do not include up to four hand-counted provisional ballots, though those are not enough to swing the race.

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