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Dover insurgents win big

Party-backed group ousts two Alderman, wins control of county committee

By David Wildstein, June 06 2018 9:37 am

Dover Democratic Municipal Chairman James Visioli was booted out of his own county committee seat after a group of insurgents, tired of the Apartheid-like domination of old time white Democrats in a town that has a 69% Hispanic population

Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson has thrown most of the Dodd/Visioli allied Democrats off the organization column and replaced them with a group of largely Hispanic Democrats who reflect the diversity of the town.  That means the insurgents are the ones organizational support.  Dodd and Visioli do not have the backing of the Morris County Democrats.  Additionally, three of the four Aldermen running for re-election do not have party support.

An insurgent group of Hispanic Democrats seized control of the Dover Democratic County Committee last night and ousted at least two incumbent Aldermen.

Morris County Democrats backed the group, Dover First, dumping a slate of candidates backed by Mayor James Dodd and supporting candidates who reflect the diversity of a town with a 69.4% Hispanic population.  Dodd had been criticized for endorsing Gov. Chris Christie in 2013, and for his alliance with State Sen. Tony Bucco and Assemblyman Anthony Bucco.

The insurgent county committee candidates, running on the Morris organization line, appear to have won 19 of 24 seats.  The Morris County Clerk has not yet added vote by mail numbers to the unofficial totals.

In Ward 1, Sandra Milena Wittner unseated incumbent Alderman Michael Picciallo by 49 votes, 175 to 126.  Humberto Quinones defeated Ward 2 Alderman Thomas MacDonald by 17 votes, 176 to 159.

Ward 4 Alderman Ronald Camacho, allied with Dodd, holds a two-vote lead, 118- to 116, over Dover First candidate Carlos Valencia.  There are approximately 22 provisional ballots that still need to be counted.

One incumbent Alderman, Carolyn Blackman, ran on the Dover First slate.  She defeated Ricardo Trinidad with 70% of the vote.

Dover Democratic Municipal Chairman James Visioli, a Dodd ally who is also an Alderman, lost his own county committee seat.  Mario Rodriguez defeated Visioli with 62% of the vote, 74 to 45.

Edward Correa, one of the leaders of the insurgency and a likely candidate to replace Visioli, won his own county committee race with 62% of the vote.

Dodd, seeking re-election to the county committee, won by just seven votes, 59 to 52, against Michael Ryan.

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