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Delran Board of Education president Glenn Kitley

Voters ousted him, but school board member stays on anyway

Delran’s Glenn Kiley lost re-election and was still re-elected Board of Education president

By David Wildstein, January 28 2019 1:49 pm

Sometimes the will of the voters just doesn’t matter.

Delran Board of Education president Glenn Kitley was defeated for re-election last November, finishing last in a field of four candidates for three seats.  He lost by 889 votes, 3,434 to 2,545, to 18-year-old Rutgers freshman Colin Rafferty.

Later that month, school board member Melanie Goodwin-Ogozalek resigned from office.  The remaining board members than appointed Kitley to fill her unexpired term.

After that, the school board re-elected Kitley as their president despite his rejection by local voters.

Word is that Kitley was the only applicant for the Goodwin-Ogozalek seat, leading to some speculation that the process for filling the vacancy was not thoroughly transparent.

This could be a Burlington thing: after freeholder Linda Hughes lost her bid for re-election in 2017, Republicans appointed her to replace Ryan Peters (R-Lumberton), who had been elected to the State Assembly.  Hughes then lost again in 2018.

For political trivia buffs: Hughes held two freeholder seats without ever winning a countywide election.  She was appointed freeholder in 2017 after Maryanne O’Brien resigned to become Burlington County Surrogate.  O’Brien and Republican Bruce Garganio lost re-election in 2012 but returned to the freeholder board to fill vacant seats.  Garganio lost again in 2017.

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One thought on “Voters ousted him, but school board member stays on anyway

  1. You should fact check before you put an article out. You make it seem like it was a crooked thing that was done. Do your research and you might see the process was followed and the board unanimously voted to put him back in his seat. Also was reappointed again after the reorganization meeting unanimously again! He has done alot for our district to help Delran get the much needed funding for the district. Interview him and the board members to see the impact hes had on the district, they will gladly tell you. I think you should interveiw then see the true story.

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