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William Schiavella

Schiavella out in Bergen

Speculation that former Morris undersheriff will be Rockaway school resource officer

By David Wildstein, January 28 2019 1:13 pm

William Schiavella has resigned as the public information officer for the Bergen County Sheriff as part of Sheriff Anthony Cureton’s reorganization.

Cureton’s chief of staff, Derek Sands, will replace Schiavella as the public information officer.  Schiavella had served under Michael Saudino, who resigned last September after being caught on tape making racist and homophobic remarks.

There has been speculation that Schiavella, a former Morris County undersheriff and Republican councilman from Rockaway Township, will switch parties and challenge Sheriff James Gannon in 2019.

There is also speculation that Rockaway Township Mayor Michael Puzio, a close political ally, will appoint Schiavella as a school resource officer.

Puzio holds the same post in Parsippany, a job he got shortly after endorsing Democrat Mikie Sherrill for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district.

Schiavella also endorsed Sherrill.

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5 thoughts on “Schiavella out in Bergen

  1. William Schiavella, political hog always looking for the next public trough to feed at.
    Didn’t Puzio & Schiavella frivolously sue Sheriff James Gannon after the Morris County Sheriff tossed Puzio & Schiavella off the county payroll?

  2. Sheriff Gannon is a great guy, an experienced law enforcement professional, and he is making a positive difference in Morris County. He has my respect and my vote. I know Democrats who feel the same way.

  3. I’m a retired Emergency Nurse School from UMDNJ
    Ran the the Level One Trauma Center for 25 years
    I’m Mired on the Frontlines of the Heroin Epidemic in Rockaway Township for 8 long horrific year
    After my sons near fatal overdose 6 years ago Rockaway Township Mayor Dachisen and the New mayor Mike Puzio 2.0 have done absolutely nothing for the dozens and dozens of families and their sick suffering and dying kids of the disease of addiction. Nothing. I am horrified and sickened that Puzio endorsed this guy who flopped from Republican to a Democrat just to run for Sheriff
    Jim Sheriff has broth the forbidden conversation about the heroin epidemic in NJ. He IS the HERO in HEROIN and inspite of a great resume these 2 Puzio and Schievelli are playing political games with out kids lives. I have a in the progress of establishing an outreach program after 2 23 years olds were murdered by heroin in Rockaway Township in August. One was a son ago a Rockaway Township PD Sgt and my oldest sons good friend. The second was only 23 year old BF of my daughters when they went to Morris Knolls.
    He was a star athlete wonderful kid who ironically was murdered by Heroin in August 31st National Overdose Awareness Day. In October my beloved friend colleague doctor neighbor Rutgers Medical Professor was Murdered by his son another Morris Knolls graduate who relapsed and struggled with substance abuse. Dozens and dozens of families destroyed decimated and demoralized emotionally spiritually and financially drowning in the epidemic and the Dachisen turned his backs. He did even worse which I can not print.
    I challenged mayor Puzio when he was elected in November and pulled away from my Opioid Coalition because I didn’t trust him or find and sincereity in the least. Know I know what.
    In December I got wind of this potential back stabbing of Jim Gannon, who has given his undying support to me and my family during our years of crisis. I emailed Puzio and told him the. He was on the wrong side of history going against Jim Gannon
    with his accomplishments with his Hope One in Morris County and now he’s helped Newark and Atlantic County both names hope one in his name.
    I just spoke to his secretary and I told her both of those undersheriff were fired by Jim Gannon and neither have done absolutely no programs to help addicts and their families. She argued with me that
    Hope One extention into Newark was ‘Political’
    I just ripped her a new one. Newark is my second home and she just tried to bullshit an expert.
    I’m so outraged at Puzio who with another murdered kid in Marcella in January is bragging about 12 Narcan saves since??
    Showing an increase in its deadly use.
    WTF is Puzio doing ?!!
    Sheriff Jim Hannon has made miraculous strides in bringing resources to this epidemic. He and I have reached out to families that are struggling and Puzio has made me his worst enemy with his cronyism playing fire with our children’s lives.

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