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Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Denville).

Brian Bergen endorses Ali for Morris GOP chair

By David Wildstein, February 18 2020 9:58 am

Freshman Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Denville) has endorsed Laura Marie Ali for Morris County Republican chair,

“Laura Ali is the right person to lead our Morris County Republican Party. For the past two years she has been building a party apparatus that will propel our Morris County candidates to victory in 2020,” Bergen said.  “She is the best choice to lead us and has my 100% support.”

Ali became the acting county chair last November when Ron DeFilippis stepped aside for personal and health reasons.

The county chair election will be held in June.

Rob Zwigard, who lost to DeFilippis by four votes in 2018, is considering another run for the post.

Bergen, a former Denville councilman, captured an open seat in the 25th district last year.  He succeeded Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris Township), who did not seek re-election after 24 years in Trenton.

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3 thoughts on “Brian Bergen endorses Ali for Morris GOP chair

  1. 26 council seats lost in 2 years, 6 mayoral seats , $3,000 in the bank and the straw donors listed on their elec filings. So much success by MCRC

    1. Ok Rob. So you would rather someone who has worked against the party, leaking stories to the press, told people not to give to the party and now wants to run that same party- NO THANK YOU!

  2. Actually Rob has helped the party more than anyone ever has combined at MCRC. All MCRC did was promote primaries against incumbents and made teams spend 250K dollars a race to ultimately get the *h** kicked in and look like the idiots they are the end of the day. MCRC is a failure at all levels.

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