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Antony Ghee

Another ex-Morris GOP Chair backs Ghee

By David Wildstein, February 21 2018 4:28 pm

New 11th GOP congressional candidate Antony Ghee has added a second endorsement today of a former Morris County Republican Chairman Lois Johnson.

“After reading about Tony, his resume and story are exactly what we need this year. To find a high caliber person like Tony in this election year is just what our party needs to win. His fresh, outsider perspective, life story and service to our country is exactly what Washington DC needs right now,” said Johnson.  “As the former Morris County GOP Chairwoman, I’m proud to endorse Tony.”

Ghee, who entered the race today, has already received the backing of former Morris GOP Chairman John Sette.

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3 thoughts on “Another ex-Morris GOP Chair backs Ghee

  1. Why is Lois Johnson injecting herself into this 11th district race?? She lives in and is registered to vote in Brick Township and has been there for 10 years. Her chairmanship was “unremarkable”.
    John Sette does not speak for the 11th district either and he is no longer County Chair.
    Jay Webber is a life long Republican unlike the candidate here who just registered as a Republican. Mr. Webber has solid mainstream Republican credentials, hosting the Regan Day event each year. Ridiculous ploy here.

  2. Dick Kamin and Joan Bramhall: I remember them as excellent County Chairs. Perhaps we can find a new one who doesn’t fear a free electorate in a free country (and a free county). Long live Jay Webber!

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