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Gov. Phil Murphy at New Jersey’s Statewide Traffic Management Center in Woodbridge.

Steinhardt slams Murphy on storm response

GOP state chairman says governor was ‘unprepared’

By NJGlobe, November 15 2018 9:12 pm

Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt said that Gov. Phil Murphy was unprepared for a snowstorm that has left some commuters stuck on the roads and others stranded far away from home.

“Phil Murphy was unprepared for yet another crippling storm,” Steinhardt said. “Instead of asking New Jerseyans to be patient, we should demand that its leaders be prepared. That way, everyone would actually be home and safe instead of just wishing it were so.”

Steinhardt’s comments echo considerable criticism of state and local response to the storm on social media that noted an absence of plows and salt trucks.

“It took me 5 hours and 40 minutes to travel from Piscataway to Mendham,” former Gov. Chris Christie tweeted tonight.

In a video posted online, Murphy said that the storm “is a lot worse than any of the forecasts that we were in touch with.”

“It’s going to last longer. The roads are really treacherous,” Murphy said.

Steinhardt thanked first responders, public works employees and service providers who are working tonight.

Expect some focus starting tomorrow on county and municipal public works officials who were at the New Jersey League of Municipalities convention in Atlantic City until earlier today, possibly with a delayed reaction to the storm.

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