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Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt

Steinhardt slams Murphy over select committee report response

GOP state chair, Weinberg in rare agreement

By Nikita Biryukov, June 07 2019 10:24 am

Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt criticized Gov. Phil Murphy for his response to the Select Committee on Oversight’s scathing report on his administration’s handling of state Housing and Mortgage Finance agency chief of staff Katie Brennan’s sexual assault allegations.

“Members of the Murphy administration showed up to testify before a panel of legislators and lied through their teeth and under oath. Governor Murphy siding with his political aides and allies over the well-being of a potential rape victim sets women’s rights back eons and sends a message that women don’t matter and aren’t safe in the Governor’s workplace,” Steinhardt said. “New Jersey must come to terms with the sad fact that they elected a Governor who put his political patrons’ job protection ahead of the personal well-being of potential sexual assault victims.”

The report was highly critical of some Murphy staffers, including chief counsel Matt Platkin and former chief of staff Pete Cammarano.

But Murphy has so far stood by his staff, saying yesterday that he stood by them and believed they did what they thought was right.

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg called Murphy’s response to the report a “disservice to the women of New Jersey.”

“It’s a strange time in New Jersey politics when the New Jersey Republican State Committee is this closely aligned with Senator Loretta Weinberg, but this is about human decency, not partisan politics,” Steinhardt said.

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