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Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt

Steinhardt slams Murphy on ‘Rain Tax’

By David Wildstein, March 18 2019 3:52 pm

A bill called a Rain Tax by Republicans – it allows local governments to charge fees to property owners based on their share of upgrades to stormwater systems – was signed into law today by Gov. Phil Murphy.

The bill was backed by environmental groups, but opposed by Republicans who say it’s just a new way for Murphy to tax New Jersey businesses and homeowners.

“A rainy day fund used to be what responsible government collected for emergencies. Not anymore. Not in New Jersey. Now, it’s just another Democratic property tax and Trenton money grab,” said Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt.  “Instead of feeding your families, Murphy’s newest property tax scheme runs from your pockets and straight into Trenton’s to feed Murphy’s liberal agenda, instead. New Jersey needs its Republican legislators to create a bill to repeals this Rain Tax. Then, we need to flip seats during the Murphy midterms, ebb the never ending tide of Trenton taxes, and throw New Jersey taxpayers a life raft.”

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