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Saddle Brook Chief of Police Robert Kugler (FILE PHOTO)

Kugler says he’s been picked for Bergen Sheriff

Tells Democrats he’s their candidate, but doesn’t ask for support

By David Wildstein, September 28 2018 9:29 am

Saddle Brook Police Chief Robert Kugler has sent a letter to Bergen County Democratic County Committee members informing him that he will be “your nominee for the position of Bergen County Sheriff.”

Interestingly, Kugler never asks the County Committee for their support, but rather informs them that he is their candidate.  Either he’s presumptuous and green, or he’s been given the go-ahead by Bergen County Democratic Chairman Louis Stellato.

“I find myself most extremely honored and humbled to be afforded the distinct privilege to be your nominee for the position of Bergen County Sheriff,” Kugler told the Democrats.  “As your nominee for Sheriff, and with our 2018 County Democratic Team, I look forward for this most coveted honor to be the next Bergen County Sheriff and in supporting and working together with the loyal and professional men and women of our Bergen County Sheriff’s Department and all of the County Government, agencies and all Bergen County residents.”

Kugler touts his 34 years in law enforcement, including his past presidency of the Bergen County Police Chiefs Association in 2005 and the New Jersey Police Chiefs Association in 2007-08.   

“The Bergen County Sheriff’s Department and our County of Bergen finds itself at a time needing our Sheriff with more than impeccable law enforcement credentials and experience,” Kugler told the Democrats. “Bergen County needs and deserves someone who not only has law enforcement credentials, but also long standing, strong ties and relationships throughout our county’s diverse communities and environments.”|

Bergen County will hold a special election in November to replace Michael Saudino, a Democrat who resigned last week after making racist and homophobic comments.

Update: Kugler said he was up until 4:30 AM drafting his letter and has now received a call from Stellato advising him that his pick is Anthony Cureton, a former Bergen County NAACP president.  “At this time, I take full responsibility for the mis-understanding of my draft letter which was emailed to all of you and have now made amendments to the letter. My guess is that it was mis-leading and gave the impression that I was nominated when in fact that never happened. Those few word omissions should have been ‘TO SEEK TO BE YOUR NOMINEE’ and ‘PROSPECTIVE NOMINEE’.  All I can say is that although some may of been offended by the tone or misunderstanding of the letter, it was an inadvertent misunderstanding and I accept full responsibility for it.  Despite the aforementioned, I still do intend to follow through with seeking the nomination at the County Committee vote this coming Tuesday and respect the decision of Chairman Stellato.”


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