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Saddle Brook Chief of Police Robert Kugler (FILE PHOTO)

Kugler suing Bergen County Clerk over sheriff ballot

By Nikita Biryukov, October 27 2018 11:28 am

Saddle Brook Police Chief Robert Kugler, who sought the Democratic nomination to run for the sheriff’s post left vacant by the resignation of Michael Saudino and is now running for the seat as an independent, is suing Bergen County Clerk John Hogan over what the candidate called “irregularities” in the race to replace Saudino.

“I have seen way too many irregularities in the hurried processes for nomination and election of the next Bergen County Sheriff,” Kugler said. “This initiative is designed to preserve fundamental fairness and freedoms for future candidates and elections for public office, and especially for public safety offices such as Sheriff.”

Kugler alleges Bergen Democratic Chairman Lou Stellato did not allow candidates other than the now-nominee Anthony Cureton to announce they were seeking the nomination at the party’s special convention at the start of the month.

The New Jersey Globe reported then that Cureton, who was formerly the president of the Bergen County NAACP, beat Kugler at the convention by a wide margin.

Kugler then filed for to seat as an independent.

His suit against Hogan is over a gap left between the two main party sheriff candidates and others like Kugler, who are running as independents, on the supplemental ballot printed for the special election.

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4 thoughts on “Kugler suing Bergen County Clerk over sheriff ballot

  1. Well Kugler. If I said half the things your officers allowed and the disrespect I got from your department, you aren’t any better the Saudino.

    1. Andre, I ask you file a internal affairs complaint with our police department to investigate your claim. All officers must conduct themselves according to our established rules and regulations. Any substantiated complaints will be dealt with in accordance with established disciplinary processes.

  2. Don’t need anymore bad press and lawsuits in the Bergen county sheriffs department. This is just ridiculous. Making headlines in a negative way and doesn’t even have the position yet. DeLorenzo!!

  3. The process was hurried, the Democratic candidate chosen is not the most qualified and has no Executive experience. Stellato is wrong on this one and it wreaks of a racial nature. I have no opinions on the other candidates. Chief Kugler is already embattled and it’s a good possibility the Republicans will win because Rob Tormo, Englewood Police employee is running also. He’s very ambitious!

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