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Democratic congressional candidate Mike Sherrill campaigns in Parsippany on August 6 with U.S. Senator Cory Booker and Mayors (left to right) Robert Parisi of West orange, Robert Conley of Madison, Michael Soriano of Parsippany, Keith Kazmark of Woodland Park, and Tim Dougherty of Morristown. New Jersey Globe Photo.

Booker offended that Webber won’t say he’s got New Jersey’s back

Senator boosts Sherill in support of SALT deduction

By David Wildstein, August 06 2018 10:10 pm

PARSIPPANY – U.S. Senator Cory Booker and five Democratic mayors joined congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill to oppose a measure that would make the elimination of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction permanent.

Booker took aim at the Republican candidate in New Jersey’s 11th district, Assemblyman Jay Webber, for his support of the SALT deduction.

“When there’s an attack on New Jersey, usually we all stand together.  I’m proud with my Republican colleagues that we stood together – except for one – to defend New Jersey,” Booker said.  “So I stand here today, not as a Democrat, I stand here as a New Jerseyan offended that Mikie Sherrill’s opponent won’t just say ‘I’ve got New Jersey’s back.’”

Booker said Webber is supporting a bill that will hurt New Jersey.

“Where does he stand? With Donald Trump or with New Jersey?” Booker said.  “He is turning his back on the people he is trying to represent.  He is hurting the pocketbook of folks who are already squeezed by taxes and that is unacceptable.

Sherrill accused Webber of backing a tax bill that every North Jersey congressman voted against.

It should be easy to speak out against over-taxing our residents, and yet Assemblyman Jay Webber refuses to do,” said Sherrill.  “In Congress I will work to restore our state and local tax deduction and bring real tax relief to middle-class families in all our towns.”

Sherrill says that the average property tax bill in the 11th district is $20,000 and that the SALT cap will drive down property values in all for counties in the district.  She cited a Moody’s report that said Essex County is the county in the national most affected by the issue.

That’s a point Webber disputes.

“The average family of four in NJ-11 saves over $6,000 as a result of the recent federal tax reform. That is simply a fact,” Webber said in a statement issued after the press conference. “We know Mikie is infatuated with the radical, budget-busting ‘Medicare for all’ idea, so maybe that explains her refusal to embrace the tax cuts. Mikie is going to have to raise taxes to pay for her crazy ideas.”

Mayors Michael Soriano of Parsippany, Robert Conley of Madison, Tim Doughtery of Morristown, Keith Kazmark of Woodland Park, and Robert Parisi of West Orange also participated in the press conference.

“Parsippany is a community similar to many across the country, but unlike towns in other states, Congress decided to target our residents with a tax bill that limits their ability to deduct their state and local taxes,” said Soriano. “Our homeowners in Parsippany shouldn’t have to pay more in federal tax dollars when we know that money isn’t coming back to fund our schools or repair our roads.”

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