Final: Sherrill plurality was 47,362 votes

The last time New Jersey’s 11th district flipped parties was in 1984, when Assembly Minority Leader Dean Gallo (R-Parsippany) unseated eleven-term Democratic Rep. Joseph Minish (D-West Orange) by 27,624, 56%-44%. 34 years later, Democrat Mikie Sherrill flipped it back by a slightly higher percentage, 57%-42%.  While Gallo won in a presidential election year by 27,624 votes, Sherrill’s mid-term plurality was 47,362, according to final 2018 election results released by the

Sherrill didn’t expect a 12-point win

Congresswoman-elect Mikie Sherrill told the New Jersey Globe she didn’t really expect to win her race by 12 points. “The enthusiasm on the ground was good. I have to say, the momentum seemed good,” Sherrill said. “I felt pretty confident going into today, but of course, as we know, polls across the country have been all over the map, and it's always kind of hard to know how these things

Both sides say high turnout in CD11

It looks like turnout is high in the 11th congressional district. Mollie Binoto, Mikie Sherrill’s campaign manager, was feeling good in the early afternoon, and the Morris County Republican organization sent out an email early in the day calling for Republicans to come out and vote to combat what the group called heavy Democratic turnout in the county. “Turnout is high across the board. I don't know how they could

Webber unconcerned about Trump effect

Jay Webber spent a portion of his final day on the trail walking Parsippany’s main street, talking to businesses and their patrons about votes they might cast in when polls open in what was then 17 hours. The walk was an example of how much candidates must rely on the work they’ve already put in by the time the election is hours away. Webber said he felt good heading into