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Zwigard pushes for reciprocal endorsements

Candidate for Morris GOP Chairman wants Webber to endorse him

By David Wildstein, April 02 2018 8:55 am

Jay Webber needs to come out of Morris County with a huge plurality in the GOP congressional primary, which is one of several reasons why the five-term Assemblyman is staying out of an increasingly rabid campaign for Morris Republican County Chairman.

Sources say that one of the candidates, Robert Zwigard, supports Webber, but refuses to publicly endorse him without Webber offering a reciprocal endorsement.  The other candidate, Ronald DeFilippis, has endorsed Webber unconditionally.  Another source, close to the Webber campaign, disputes the idea that Zwigard is for Webber and that he is at best maintaining a thin veneer of neutrality.

Zwigard also wants the emerging Freeholder ticket of incumbent Deborah Smith, and former Freeholders Hank Lyon and John Krickus, to also endorse him.  If they don’t, sources say, Zwigard will ask his allies not to back them.

Some DeFilippis supporters, like former Morris GOP Chairman Dick Kamin, are using the Webber endorsement as a campaign wedge, criticizing other candidates (Zwigard) for not backing Webber.

Webber and former Kean administration aide Patrick Allocco are the only Morris County Republicans in the race for Rodney Frelinghuysen’s seat in Congress, although there’s a good chance that businessman Peter DeNeufville will enter the race late today.

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