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Republican congressional candidate Peter DeNeufville

DeNeufville backs Zwigard

11th district candidate wants Zwigard to be Morris GOP chairman

By David Wildstein, June 04 2018 9:08 am

Republican congressional candidate Peter DeNeufville is backing Rob Zwigard in is bid for Republican county chairman next week.

“It’s unfortunate that a critical element of our party’s cohesion is struggling, especially right now,” said DeNeufville in a social media post.  “I am eager to help, and I believe that Rob Zwigard’s leadership could be just what we need to make the Morris GOP great once again.”

DeNeufville, who has self-funded most of his campaign for the GOP nomination in New Jersey’s 11th district, may be trying to put his favored candidate in place as he prepares to run against the Democratic nominee in what will be a competitive fall election.  Or he may just be signaling his interest in serving as finance chairman of the Morris County Republican organization if he doesn’t win Tuesday’s primary.

Zwigard faces Ron DeFilippis, the current finance chairman, in the June 12 county chairman election.

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4 thoughts on “DeNeufville backs Zwigard

  1. DeNeufville finance chairman? DeNeufville just bribed two other candidates, and county, state, and federal authorities have been engaged in the investigation of that rank corruption. When discovered facts show violations of law, then DeNeufville and others involved in the bribery crime and conspiracy are prosecuted.

  2. Would giving deNeufville the finance chair position be an attempted cover-up of a deNeufville bribery crime and conspiracy? Remember that deNeufville said at the bribery meeting that he had spoken with “influential individuals in Morris County” who would get positions for Ghee & Allocco if they dropped out of the congressional race and backed deNeufville.
    Who are those “influential individuals in Morris County” who deNeufville himself identified as part of the conspiracy?
    Would the finance-chair position itself be an attempt to purchase silence about the identities of those “influential individuals in Morris County”? A new bribe to cover up the first bribe?

  3. Peter DeNeufville and Rob Zwigard aren’t stupid enough to believe that the investigation and prosecution of the DeNeufville bribery scandal end when the polls close on Tuesday night, are they?
    Nasty Peter DeNeufville has earned himself a congressional district of enemies who will be dedicated to seeing that the investigation and prosecution of Peter DeNeufville moves forward full-steam so all the dirty bribery facts about DeNeufville and about the advisors and Morris County officials he implicated are fully revealed to the public for criminal and civil adjudication.

  4. DeNeufville is despised, so an endorsement from him is a major net-loss for Zwigard. The common refrain in Morris County is that DeNeufville is a real weirdo who parachuted into the district from Manhattan in March, and has become known mainly for that catatonic weirdness, for his running an ultra-nasty scorched-earth campaign, and for his brewing bribery scandal.
    Plus, DeNeufville is losing the primary on Tuesday, so now Rob Zwigard is on record as having backed the losing candidate in the congressional race. [Zwigard gave his full agreement to DeNeufville’s endorsement, you know.]
    Stupid move by Zwigard. The DeNeufville endorsement can now be leveraged against Zwigard’s Chair candidacy with ease.

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