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Rep. Jeff Van Drew. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Van Drew raises $300k in Q1, putting him far ahead of Alexander

Top Democrat vying for 2nd district raises just $48k

By Joey Fox, April 15 2022 11:46 pm

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis) remains the clear financial leader in the 2nd district after raising $300,197 last quarter; his most prominent Democratic challenger, civil rights lawyer Tim Alexander, raised $47,954.

After achieving a nearly $600,000 fourth quarter last year, Van Drew is now sitting on a hefty warchest of just over $1 million. Alexander has no such money to fall back on, with just $24,149 in the bank.

Neither Van Drew nor Alexander is expected to face many difficulties in the June primary. Van Drew faces two opponents, Scott Hitchner and Sean Pignatelli, both of whom have yet to file fundraising reports with the Federal Election Commission; Alexander’s lone opponent, Carolyn Rush, reported raising $15,806 in the first quarter.

Van Drew, a Democrat until late 2019, was a top Democratic target just two years ago, when he faced a highly competitive race against Amy Kennedy. Both Kennedy and Van Drew received gobs of money throughout the campaign, and in the third quarter of 2020 – the last full quarter before the general election – they raised a staggering combined $3.3 million.

But there’s little indication that those same financial fireworks will hit the 2nd district this cycle. Alexander has failed to crack $75,000 raised in any of his five fundraising quarters, and the Trump-voting district is likely to lean towards Van Drew in a favorable year for Republicans.

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