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Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis) and President Donald Trump at a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey on January 28, 2020. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Democratic fundraising on life support in NJ-2, while Van Drew warchest close to $1 million

Tim Alexander’s money is drying up; Hector Tavarez, a Republican until last year, is nearly broke

By David Wildstein, January 31 2022 6:54 pm

Democrats challengers have failed to raise much money in their bids to unseat Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis), who has $966,432 cash-on-hand after raising $587,002 during the fourth quarter of 2021.

Van Drew is seeking re-election to a third term in New Jersey’s 2nd district, and for the second time with the endorsement of President Donald Trump.  He’s raised $1,962,274 so far this cycle, some of it from a December fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago.

He has a 57-1 edge in campaign cash over Democrat Timothy Alexander, a former law enforcement official and prosecutor who had a horrific fourth quarter.  Alexander reported raising a scanty $36,080 during the last three months of 2021 and has banked just $16,927 after raising a total of $212,528.

Alexander had been viewed as the front-runner for the Democrats, who have not fielded a better challenge to run against Van Drew, who had won the seat as a Democrat in 2018 and switched parties in 2019.

The district became more Republican than it was after congressional redistricting gave Van Drew more of Ocean County.

Another candidate, former Egg Harbor Township school board member Hector Tavarez, had a fourth quarter haul of just $30,910.  The former police officer raised only $61,868 and his campaign is nearly broke: Tavarez’s cash-on-hand is $6,574.

Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler has endorsed Tavarez, a former police officer.

Like Van Drew, Tavarez had spent at least 19 years as a Republican and voted in GOP primaries in 2019 and 2020.  He didn’t vote in a Democratic primary until 2021, voting records show.

Newcomer Carolyn Rush has raised $20,098 — $5,000 of it as a personal loan – and has $19,850 in her campaign account.  A fourth candidate, Rev. Curtis Green, has not yet filed his report.  The deadline in midnight.

Two Van Drew primary challengers, Scott Hitch

“Our campaign is headed into 2022 in an even stronger position than we were two years ago when Congressman Van Drew famously became the first Republican ever to defeat a member of the Kennedy political machine at the federal level,” said Ron Filan, his campaign manager.  “New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District, while still very competitive, has become more favorable for Republicans and just when you think President Biden’s approval ratings have hit rock bottom his administration somehow finds a way to reach even more historic lows.”

He has an additional $6,700 in his South Jersey United In Trust PAC, and $6,773 in the South Jersey First PAC.

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